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Mini conference Hall (50 capacity; AC / Non-AC)
Board Room (40 capacity AC)
Dining Hall
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Sahodaya – KTC Program Centre

built in 1997 has since become a forum where people of different religions and walks of life make a conscientious effort to ‘grow together’. Sahodaya has made a creative and effective dialogue possible between churches, universities, church-related organizations, and NGOs in their common quest for ways towards a fuller life to all humanity, and concrete realisation of the same in the society.

Sahodaya, K.T.C. Programme Centre has proved to be an asset of KACES.  Karnataka Theological College and other institutions of KACES extensively use Sahodaya for activities such as Contact Seminar of the Theological Studies by Extension, Programmes of the Department of Women’s Studies, KATHRI, HTTI and KCCS.  The Mangalore University, Karnataka State Open University, Kannada University, Hampi, Muslim Educational Institutions Federation, Mangalore Christian Council, Karnataka Christian Council, the Churches and various Christian organizations, Journalists and N.G.O.s’such as PUCL, AHEAD, Network Save life, Trinethra Training, Western Institute of Technology, Mangalore  Fire and safety institute, Citizen Forum Mangalore, and Senior Citizens’ Forum Mangalore use Sahodaya for educational programmes and conferences. Some of Government organizations also seek our co-operation and hosting their meetings and programmes.  True to its name Sahodaya has become a centre for learning and growing together for people from all walks of life irrespective of religion and culture.

The guests of KACES, participants of seminars and workshops have enjoyed the hospitality at Sahodaya where we can accommodate up to 50 guests in single and double rooms. 


Receptionist-cum-Accounts Clerk:
Ms. Nisha Soans
Reception – Evening Hours
Rev. Immanuel Bhaskar
Mr. Edward Jathanna
Mrs. Greta Jathanna
Mr. Mithra Soans

Contact Info

Rev. Dr. H. R. Cabral

The Director
KTC programme Centre
KACES Campus
Balmatta, Mangalore- 575001