Kalaa Sangama


  1. To impart communication skills to the theological students and te achers
  2. To help the pastors, teachers and the community workers to develop their communication skills.
  3. To encourage young talents in music, drama etc.
  4. To produce cassettes, CDs slides and films on relevant themes related to religious, social, economic, political and cultural streams of life.
  5. To have documentation on the life and work of the Churches in Karnataka.

Studio Equipment


KACES Audio – Video Recording Studio

Kalaa Sangama - Inauguration

In the past ten years, the studio has been remarkably utilised by not only the students and the staff of Karnataka Theological College but also by Christians who are engaged in music, drama etc. Apart from this a number of institutions, schools, colleges and other organizations visited our studio and made use of the services available.

Kala Sangama - StudioApart from helping the students and staff in improving the communication skills, recording of Yakshagana Thalamaddale, documentaries, background music for dramas and entertainment programmes, recording for TV programmes, music albums were the regular activities in the studio.

Maintaining the studio has been a challenge in an ever changing world of digital technology. We strive to provide the best service to all those who visit us.


Kalaa Sangama Staff