KATHRI - Ongoing Research & Major Publications

Major Publications:

    • Dialogue in Community: Fest Schrift – Dr. S. J. Samartha, Edited by Dr. C. D. Jathanna
    • Vision and Reality: Fest Schrift – Dr. C. D. Jathanna, Edited by Dr. J. S. Sadananda
    • Wholeness in Christ: The Legacy of the Basel Mission in India, Edited by Dr. Godwin Shiri, 1985
    • Dictionary with a mission: Papers presented at the first International Kittel Conference, Edited by Murigeppa, A. William Madtha et.all.1998

Present Research Publication Projects:

  1. Commemorative volume Celebrating transformation – BM India 175
  2. Kittel Maruchinthana – papers presented at the 3rd International Kittel Conference
  3. Kittel Samagra Sahithya – Vol. I (English) is almost ready for publication
  4. Guide to the Basel Mission India material in the Mission 21 archive Part I
  5. Tulu Sahithyakke Basel Missionarigala Koduge
  6. Symbolism or idolatry? An appraisal of the use of symbols in Mission with special reference to Basel Mission in Karnataka, India between1834 &1864

Ongoing Research Projects:

  1. Re-telling our story: (History of Karnataka in Photography-with special reference to coastal Karnataka: interpreting photo/picture archive 1840–1906 (initial stages).
  2. English-Kannada Theological Word Book, First of its kind in Kannada, a project of KATHRI
  3. Critical Edition of the complete works of Kittel, a 5-volume project of KATHRI (I volume to be published in the first half 2011).
  4. Kannada Lyrics in Musical Notations: Preserving Kannada Christian lyrics for the future generations. (Advanced Stages)
  5. “Moegling Bicentenary” national Seminar in collaboration with Sahithya Academi


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