The Karnataka Theological Research Institute (KATHRI)

KATHRI was established in 1976 in order to facilitate for research both to the members of the teaching staff of the Karnataka Theological College and others.

Programs -

  1. Research:
    1. To conduct research on theological issues and subjects in the context of social, educational, cultural, historical and religious background of Karnataka State.
    2. To invite guest speakers, research scholars and assistants for a period of time to work on special projects
    3. To seek the co-operation of other institutions both secular and religious for the purpose of research
  2. Conferences:
    1. To organize seminars, conferences, consultations etc., from time to time on important theological issues and subjects in the field mentioned in 1 a.
    2. To invite people, especially the old students of the college for seminars, discussions, consultations, etc., on important issues.
    3. To provide leadership to the churches and Christian institutions whenever called for, for organizing their conferences, consultations, seminars, retreats etc.
  3. Literature:
    1. To publish theological literature both in Kannada and English languages
    2. To publish periodicals and magazines
    3. To prepare bibliography of theological and religious boks published in India and abroad
  4. New forms of ministry:
    1. To undertake experiments in worship, liturgy, youth work, Sunday School work, etc., and to develop new indigenous forms of worship, liturgy and other materials for the work of the church.
    2. To encourage and develop indigenous forms of art and music.

Besides conducting seminars and conferences on contemporary theological, religious, social and scientific issues, it is also responsible for the Pastors’ Continuing Education program (PACE) with grants from Chritha Kuteera PACE Foundation. KATHRI is presently engaged in the ‘Basel Mission Heritage Project’ which envisages publications of the complete works of Ferdinand Kittel and in the Historiography in Photography project. 

Since 2007, KATHRI is a recognized research centre of the Kannada University Hampi for M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees.

Research possibilities:

1) M.Phil. in Kannada, History and Developmental Studies.
2) Ph.D. in Kannada, History and Developmental Studies.
29 MPhil projects have been completed. 14 MPhil dissertations are underway.
14 candidates are presently pursuing their research leading to PhD


KATHRI - Leadership